Alki Virtual Art Walk

UPDATE:  View the Alki Art Walk Slideshow at home!





Artwork Submission Deadline EXTENDED!

Alki wants to ensure that as many students get to participate in this school wide event as possible!

This year’s Alki Elementary Art Walk will be virtual!  Please submit a piece of your child’s artwork to be included!  You are welcome to submit art created during Ms. Scranton’s Art lessons or other art done independently.

Steps for Art Walk participation:

  1. Create a piece of visual art (using any art materials)
  2. Take a picture of the art or scan it (see tips & tricks below)
  • When taking a photo of your student’s artwork, place artwork in a well-lit space on a contrasting background.
  • Try to fill the whole frame with the artwork. Crop out all outside edges once you take the photo.
  •  If taking a photo of a 3D object, place artwork on a well-lit clean surface or in front of a blank wall. Try to fill the whole frame with the artwork.
  1. Make sure to name your file: Grade Level, Teacher Name, Student’s first & last Name  (For example: 4, Cicero, John Smith)
  1. Please send it to: or email to Mrs. Dilley at


Dear Alki Families,

The Alki Arts Team would like to continue the tradition of holding our annual Alki Elementary Art Walk. This year we are going to attempt to hold it virtually by creating a slideshow presentation! We would love to have every Alki student’s artwork included.

Please help us by submitting a piece of your child’s artwork which was completed recently during the school closure. If that’s not possible, you may submit something created earlier in the year.

This year’s optional theme is: Hope & Community. Our art teacher, Mrs. Scranton’s virtual art lessons on May 8th and 15th focused on this theme. Art Lesson Guide for 5.8.20 Art lesson Guide for 5.15.20




If you have any questions, you can e-mail Davina Dilley at: or Dorothy Cicero at:


Having trouble submitting your file to Dropbox?

Email your photo with grade/ teacher/ student name to Mrs. Dilley at or Ms. Cicero at


Thank you for helping your child to participate in this Alki Elementary School event!

-The Alki Arts Team


Art Lesson Plans for May 8th/15th
Student will be able to draw an image that represents HOPE & COMMUNITY. It may be a building, icon or themselves represented as a Super Hero depending on what they feel most identifies with their own current experience.
Try to think of why it symbolizes hope for YOU.
As you draw, think of what could fill the background that would make it personal or
meaningful…perhaps family, a pet, or maybe a color that creates mood.