Behind the Scenes: School Supply Class Packs

THANK YOU to everyone who donated their time to make School Supply Class Pack a HUGE success. We appreciate you so much! Thank you volunteers Amy Vattuone, Brooke Fitterer, Casey Howe, Corey Ramey, Kevin Teitler, Daron Walters, Heather Brincko, Heidi Zamora, Jenn Ross, Jodie Nichols, Lee Anne Hughes, Lindsay Yost, Lisa Chapman, Mike Uehara-Bingen, Nichelle Keatley, Nicole Laky, Owen Reese, Pamela Boyd, Renee Umeno, and Alki Staff members for Jennifer Rosholt, Laurie Iba, Laurie Rasmussen, Angela Gilbert, Stevie Kramer, Davina Dilley.  A huge thanks to the entire Alki staff who worked to help prep the materials bags with math manipulatives and workbooks.
Special thank you to Courtney Teilter (my procurement guru), Davina Dilley (distribution goddess), Laurie Rasmussen (supply list extraordinaire) and Salleigh Knox (volunteer virtuoso) for the behind the scenes work organizing this year’s School Supplies Class Pack effort! It was a labor of love from its original concept of making the first days of school special (and a bit less overwhelming) to supplying as many students as possible with the at-home supplies they need! I can’t wait to do it again next year!
Thank you all!
-Ali Pankop
Class Pack Coordinator

Here are a few behind the scenes photos:









If you received a class pack this year, please take a moment to leave feedback!  It is so appreciated and will help us prepare for next year!