Alki PTA Fully Funds IXL for all Students

Alki PTA has fully funded IXL for all Alki Elementary students in 2020-21 thanks to funding from a Covid-19 Relief Grant awarded this summer. In addition to IXL, the PTA used grant funds to build a new Food Pantry to support food security for the Alki community.

The Covid-19 Relief Grant is part of a national fund of Covid relief grants generously supported by Tiktok and distributed by National PTA to more than 150 local and regional PTAs across the country.

In previous years, Alki PTA used a school grant to fund IXL, but budget cuts put that in jeopardy this year. Thanks to the grant-writing efforts of Alki PTA members, Alki PTA is pleased to be able to continue to offer IXL to all students at no cost to parents.