National Grants Awarded to Alki

Alki PTA submitted applications for the following grants this school year:


  • National PTA’s STEM + Families Science Festival funded by Bayer $1k
  • National PTA’s COVID-19 Continuation Grant funded by Mathnasium $2.5k
  • National PTA’s Hydration Family Event $500
  • National PTA’s Propelling our Future STEM Event $1k


National PTA received thousands of entries from PTAs across the country, and we are excited to announce we have been awarded two grants, including the STEM + Families Science Festival funded by Bayer and the COVID-19 Continuation Grant funded by Mathnasium, totaling $3.5k. 

National PTA STEM + Families Science Festival Grant

Alki PTA is one of 30 local PTA units chosen nationwide to receive the National PTA STEM + Families Science Festival Grant, funded by Bayer.  Our application rose to the top of thousands of submissions competing for the $1k grant.  Alki’s commitment to transformative family engagements is the catalyst for this recognition and award. 


As soon as we learned about the win, we began collaborating with Alki educators for guidance with aligning the event to our student’s science studies, and we are looking forward to collaborating with Alki families.  Together we will choose activities for the event, and share ideas for procuring the needed supplies families will need to participate.  We will have more information to share after a leader to leader conference call happening on January 19, 2021.  Funds will be deposited on February 5, 2020, and our event needs to take place by May 15, 2021.


National PTA COVID-19 Continuation Relief Grant

Out of hundreds of applicants, judges picked Alki PTA to receive the $2.5k National PTA COVID-19 Continuation Relief Grant, sponsored by Mathnasium.  Funds will be used to broaden and deepen the work we completed in Phase One of the Covid Relief Grant, sponsored by TikTok:


Food Security
Our vision is to sustain our Free Little Pantry project to support our community for years to come.  Plans include, designing USPS Door to Door mailing campaigns to position our neighbors as stakeholders in the fight against hunger, organize donations and grassroot efforts to meet the needs of our community, and partner with NW Free Little Pantries to provide interested local PTA units with free prefabricated little pantries to install at their school.


Remote Learning
Phase One grant funds allowed our PTA to purchase Alki’s annual user’s license for IXL math.  Please complete a short survey to tell us what kind of programming you would like to see organized for our community, and we will use grant funds to host a virtual event supporting our student’s remote learning adventures.   


We will provide more information in February 2020, after attending a national leader to leader conference call. Funds will be deposited on February 5, 2020, and will need to be spent by March 31, 2020.


Special thanks to Jodie Nichols and Pamela Boyd for proofreading the proposals prior to submission.  Last but not least, Marlene Spiker, my mom, thanks for encouraging me to pursue  these grants and for supporting me until they were successfully submitted.  You’ve proven engaging in children’s pursuits can improve their outcomes, even if they’re 47 years-old. 


Mel Spiker
Family and Community Engagement