Alki Elementary Art Walk and Auction

In-person Alki Elementary Art Walk and Auction: Thursday, May 19th from 2:45-7:00 pm in the hallways of Alki Elementary!

In addition to all of the incredible student work that is covering the halls of Alki and on display for the public Thursday, seventeen (17) student collaborative masterpieces will be up for auction.  Due to the higher volume of traffic in the building we are strongly encouraging masking for the event.

Each of the 15 classes at Alki Elementary created a priceless work of art through a collaborative process between the students in their class. All the masterpieces are part of a larger Spring themed art collection. In addition to the 15 class art pieces, there are two additional artworks with a water theme that will be this school year’s front and back cover art.

All pieces will be on display on the Alki Stage during the Art Walk.

Online bidding opens Thursday at 12pm and closes Friday, May 29th at 10pm PST.


Funds raised will go towards the Alki PTA’s fall budget line item of school grants and principal discretionary, outdoor education or grade level experiences; supporting programming that benefits all students at Alki Elementary.

Thank you for supporting our school community!