National Special Education Month

December’s Every Child in Focus bulletin board focuses on Special Education. December also hosts National Special education day on December 2, 2018, and celebrates IDEA (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), which made education available to all American Children. This month honors the progress made in the system and by the children in special education.

The bulletin board (located in the main hallway past the first set of doors, across from Ms. Kramer’s Classroom) focuses on how to qualify a child for special education and the team efforts when writing an IEP (Individual Education Plan). Isolation is a very real, debilitating feeling for special needs children and their families. Please support Alki special needs families by placing a student cut out on the board holding hands around the globe in solidarity and support. (cutouts provided)

When we value diversity as a community, and abandon the idea that children have to be “normal” to contribute to the world, we begin to look beyond typical ways of becoming valued members in the community. By doing so, we can all begin to realize the achievable goal of providing all children with an authentic sense of belonging.

Every Child in Focus reinforces National PTA’s mission to advocate for every child—with one voice—so all families feel invited and welcomed within PTA, and are equipped with the tools to support their child and improve the school, which makes a difference for every child.